Is Trail Trekkers required for any BSA rank advancement?

No. Trail Trekkers is completely voluntary, just for fun, and in no way affects any awards or rank you might receive through your chosen Scouting program.

Is there a time limit?

Not at all. Complete them all in a couple of weekends or take the next 10 years. It's entirely up to you to do as many (or as few) trails as you would like in as fast (or as slow) of a time as you like.

Is this just for Scouts?

While Trail Trekkers is approved by Bay Lakes Council BSA, designed for Scouts, and marketed to Scouts, anyone who enjoys the outdoors or hiking is welcome to participate.

Is there an age requirement?

No. While the trails range in length and difficulty, every trail in the Trail Trekkers program is chosen so that even a Cub Scout will have fun hiking it. So whether you are a new Lion Scout, or a 17 year old Eagle, you will equally enjoy the selection of trails offered.

There are a couple trails me or my parent will be physically unable to hike. What should we do?

That’s easy. Don’t worry about it. Many locations listed in Trail Trekkers have more than one trail at that site. If the Trail Trekkers booklet mentions a 2 mile trail, but there is also a ½ mile trail, then hike the shorter trail and consider that location complete and order your patch. If there is no other trail, then hike what you can and just have fun being outside. On the other hand, if there is a trail you consider too mild for your preference, but there is a longer one at the location with terrain features you would like to see, then by all means take the more difficult hike. Life is full of rules without you adding more on yourself. Just have fun.

Do I have to be in Bay Lakes Council?

No. Any Scout or Scouter is welcome and encouraged to participate. And as mentioned above, this program is not limited to those in the Scouting community.

Do I have to be registered with the Boy Scouts of America?

No. Most participants in Trail Trekkers will be hiking among family or friends outside of their Scouting unit. However, if Trail Trekkers is being utilized during a Scout meeting or outing, then the minimum amount of registered leaders prescribed in the most current Youth Protection guidelines needs to be met.

Are any hikes dangerous?

While there is always a certain level of risk present whenever anyone is in the outdoors, the trails presented in Trail Trekkers were carefully selected to be fun, safe, accessible, and compliant with the Guide to Safe Scouting. The trail locations contain the necessary amenities and public road access required for Scouts of all ages to participate. In order to mitigate any potential hazard, be sure to follow the methods and training we teach our Scouts. Know where you will be hiking before you go out. Let someone know where you will be hiking and when you plan to be back. If possible, check in with any staff or Ranger at the location before starting your hike. Bring along your Scout Essentials and a fully charged cellphone. Also, be sure to use the buddy system.

Are Trail Trekkers patches BSA licensed?

Yes. They are fully licensed by the BSA. The center patch and segment patches were all approved by Boy Scouts of America National Office and manufactured by a BSA licensee.